Mountain Peak Water Supply



About Us

Mountain Peak Special Utility District is a subdivision of the State of Texas established under Chapter 65 and 49 of the Texas Water Code.  We are regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and The Texas Public Utilities Commission (TPUC) , they set the minimum standards and rules that all water systems in the State of Texas must comply with and we have achieved the status of being designated as a "Superior System". Our sole purpose is to serve safe quality drinking water to the customers that reside within the legal boundaries of the District as approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The main concern of the staff and Board of Directors is public health. Your drinking water is tested monthly for bacteria and is also tested daily for disinfection content. Your water is treated at the source with 100% gaseous chlorine in an amount sufficient to kill any bacteria but not so much as to cause taste or odor problems. Your water originates from artesian wells in the Trinity group of aquifers. We also buy a pre determined amount of surface water from Joe Pool Lake to supplement for summer peak demand. The surface water is purchased through the City of Midlothian.


There is an elected Board consisting of 7 Directors that each serve three year terms.  These Directors volunteer their time in an effort to better the community. 


A Corporation was created in 1969 and converted into a Special Utility District in 2003 and has since grown to over 7,500 customers. 


All operations are under the direction of the General Manager, Randel Kirk, who is hired by the Board of Directors.  The office staff will gladly assist you with any questions that you may have and the field personnel respond promptly to all service related issues. 


Currently, Mountain Peak S.U.D. has a ground storage capacity of 2,540,000 gallons (ground tanks) and an elevated storage capacity (water towers) of 1,600,000 since the completion of our 1,000,000 gallon elevated tank.  Our production capacity is 5,231,520 gallons/day with a high service pump capacity of  approximately 4,000 gallons/minute.  The distribution system has grown to over 225 miles of water mains and more than 1,000 fire hydrants.


All processes including production, treatment, pumping, and security are modernized with the latest in control technology and automation.   The staff is in constant contact with all aspects of these processes and reliability of the system has been greatly improved.



In the early 1960's, many rural communities in the State of Texas did not have a reliable source of drinking water for their homes.  The State allowed these communities to come together and form Water Supply Corporations that were eventually financed by the Farmers Home Administration.  As time has passed, many of these rural areas have developed into suburban communities and water Corporations as Mountain Peak W.S.C. (now Mountain Peak Special Utility District) have evolved into regional water providers. 



The water system has improved enormously since the first gallon was delivered over 53 years ago.  We maintain a modernized and reliable supply of water with constant computerized monitoring, control, and security capabilities.  All of the personnel enjoy serving the people of this community and we all say "thank you" for the opportunity.

New Woodbine wells

The Woodbine Aquifer is one of several aquifers that underlies north Texas. It is particularly interesting because it underlies both prime agricultural land as well as land that is experiencing rapid suburban development. There was once a great demand put upon the aquifers of the region although the last few decades the area has begun relying on surface water to supply its needs. The Woodbine Sandstone is composed of fine-grained, cross-stratified fluvial sandstone interbedded with overbank deposits of clay and shale. (Hopkins, 1996) The unit dips eastward reaching a depth of 2,500 feet below the land surface while the regional dip is southeastward averaging approximately 35 feet per mile. The sandstone thickens both downdip and to the northeast achieving thicknesses of approximately 230 feet in the southern extent of the outcrop to 700 feet in the northeast. The aquifer is divided into three water-bearing zones in the northern segment of the outcrop. Each zone varies significantly in productivity and quality, and only the lower two zones are being utilized for domestic and municipal water supplies. 

Two new Woodbine Wells have been completed on Apple Road and Tower Road and are in service.  The new wells will provide an approximate additional 500,000 gallons per day to our existing system.  The new wells will help with both the supply and the cooling of the water.

Drilling is complete on a third Woodbine well and is located adjacent to the office facility at 5671 Waterworks Road. This new well should produce over 100 gallons per minute or 144,000 gallons per day to help us keep up with area growth.