Mountain Peak Water Supply

                                              MOUNTAIN PEAK SPECIAL UTILITY DISTRICT   (ELLIS AND JOHNSON COUNTIES)



President of the Board: Clyde Bryant.  Clyde is a General Motors retiree and a lifetime resident of the Midlothian area


Vice-President:  Mike Cull. Mike owns Gingerbread Press and long time resident of the area.


Secretary/Treasurer of the Board: Ann Major.  Ann is a lifetime resident of this area and currently works with Victron Energy.


Board Member: Stephen Bradford.  Stephen is retired from Hunt Oil Company after 28 years as their Land Manager


Board Member:  Ed Wilson. Ed is retired from Nationwide Paper Company and also a retired farmer and rancher.


Board Member:  Kathy Tucker. Kathy is a long time area resident retired from Midlothian ISD as an English Teacher and is currently an area rancher.


Board Member:  Donna Mullins. Donna is retired after 31 years from LTV Missles and Defence Systems


General Manager:  Randel Kirk.  Randel is a lifetime resident of the Midlothian area with 37 years in the waterworks industry. Randel Has been employed with Mountain Peak for 29 years