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The cost to produce, deliver and treat water, including building and maintaining the infrastructure, is on the rise. In an effort to encourage and promote water conservation and efficient water use, Mountain Peak Special Utility District’s Board of Directors recently approved a water rate increase that promotes conservation and water rates necessary to support the operations, debt, and infrastructure. Successful conservation is key to managing your own water bill as well as water rates by reducing the need for future expensive capital improvement projects. The behavior that we want to promote is to protect one of our most precious natural resources. Therefore, we all benefit from conservation.


The additional funds would offset increases in operation and maintenance costs, replacing infrastructure such as water lines and improving information systems for customer service.

These new rates will be reflected on bills that are mailed after January 1, 2020. On a residential bill, the monthly minimum rate will be $22.73 plus tax of $0.11 bringing it to $22.84.

Larger meters will have a larger minimum fee as calculated by meter size equivalents.


Water from Mountain Peak will still cost less than a penny per gallon; it remains one of the lowest utility costs for the average household. We feel it's a tremendous value. The increase in revenue we are proposing is to compensate for rising cost in several areas."

Mountain Peak Special Utility District endeavors to maintain the lowest possible customer rates that are consistent with safe and reliable service and we remain one of the lower cost public water supplies in the Metroplex if not the entire state.

Some of the water rate increase will pay for water projects such as new artesian wells to prevent the purchase of additional higher priced surface water from Joe Pool Lake as well as for replacing aging water delivery infrastructure.


You can manage your water consumption and monthly bill.   Attached are some helpful water conservation tips.


Thank You,


The Board and Staff

Mountain Peak Special Utility District