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New Woodbine wells

The Woodbine Aquifer is one of several aquifers that underlies north Texas. It is particularly interesting because it underlies both prime agricultural land as well as land that is experiencing rapid suburban development. There was once a great demand put upon the aquifers of the region although the last few decades the area has begun relying on surface water to supply its needs. The Woodbine Sandstone is composed of fine-grained, cross-stratified fluvial sandstone interbedded with overbank deposits of clay and shale. (Hopkins, 1996) The unit dips eastward reaching a depth of 2,500 feet below the land surface while the regional dip is southeastward averaging approximately 35 feet per mile. The sandstone thickens both downdip and to the northeast achieving thicknesses of approximately 230 feet in the southern extent of the outcrop to 700 feet in the northeast. The aquifer is divided into three water-bearing zones in the northern segment of the outcrop. Each zone varies significantly in productivity and quality, and only the lower two zones are being utilized for domestic and municipal water supplies. 

Two new Woodbine Wells have been completed on Apple Road and Tower Road and are in service.  The new wells will provide an approximate additional 500,000 gallons per day to our existing system.  The new wells will help with both the supply and the cooling of the water.

Drilling is complete on a third Woodbine well and is located adjacent to the office facility at 5671 Waterworks Road. This new well should produce over 100 gallons per minute or 144,000 gallons per day to help us keep up with area growth.




Mountain Peak Special Utility District wants to keep you informed on all aspects of your water system. The staff are professionals, many licensed by the state to assure clean and safe drinking water. Even when we err, we want to let you know the specifics. The attached notice was mailed to all customers and we are including it on this site. In this busy and fast paced community, occasionally paperwork errors occur and that was simply the case in our recent violation from the TCEQ. Be assured that all disinfectant residuals were tested and found to have excellent results. However the finished report was delivered late. This was a simple over sight in paper work but the required language from TCEQ might imply that testing was not performed but be assured that testing IS performed daily. As always we will be delivering clean and safe drinking water for you and your family now and in the future. If you have any questions, please call us at 972-775-3765 or email at       Thank you